First Post

My beloved daughter, Mira, uses this site for her postings.  So, I thought I would follow her lead.

On an earlier blog, I wrote ramblings on my thoughts whenever I felt inspired.  You can see them by going here  It seems that I have somehow messed up that site for new additions.  So, I might as well start here for future ramblings.

On my 73rd birthday, I feel blessed with

A loving wife, Barbara,

Two wonderful girls, Mira and Sara;

A son-in-law from heaven, Victor;

The most adorable and brilliant grandson in the world, Benjamin;

A loving  sister, Bunny;

Several cousins, Jay, Greta, Sandra;

Two new families from Barbara and Victor and;

Countless friends from all walks of my life.

Normalized for age, I have never been in better health, with more interests than I can count, or keep track of sometimes.

So, i am tempting fate by glowing in my good fortune on the day of my 73rd birthday.

Next month I will celebrate the Bat Mitzvah of the first member of my (extended) family, Britt-Marie.  My number one goal in life is to see many more such celebrations….

In time, I will improve this site with better format and pictures.  But, or now, this will have to do…………bye….



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