Hava Nagila – A Reminiscence

Saw the movie tonight.  I loved it.  Kind of “This is Your Life” for me. During my life, HN went through two stages.                                   In my youth, it was on the air and at every Bar Mitzvah, including mine.

First, it was an anthem for the generation of Jewish people after WWII.

The shots of it being played at Bar Mitzvahs could have been taken at mine.  The grandmother with BM boy could have been mine, Mary, my mother’s mother.  The proud parents could have been mine.  The chubby boy was just like me, blue suit and all.

Then the scenes of Harry Belafonte and Connie Francis.  Both from my youth.  A Black Man and an Italian Woman.  Only in America. The Jewish version was by Alan Sherman…..Alan & Sheila.

As the Sixties dawned, society changed.  My generation went from fun times to assassinations and anti war demonstration.  No time for fun.

Then the 80’s and 90’s dawned and few ever heard HN except at Bar Mitzvahs and weddings.  Jewish people found interest in Klesmer music.  The movie called it a returning to the older roots of Jews in Eastern Europe.  That generation never knew Nazi persecution, so had fonder memories of Jewish European roots.

That’s where we are today.

I wonder of my children have any connection with Hava Nagila at all.


The “Other” Cherry Blossoms

Most people are only aware of the famous Washington cherry blossoms on and near the Mall, like the ones on the Tidal Basin.

Well, there are lots of others.  One such location is just over the city line near Bethesda, MD, in the Kenwood area.  I went there on Sunday, April 7 (my birthday, in fact), with my wife and sister before my birthday dinner.  The trees were still only green.  But, over the next 3 days, the temperature rose into the high 80’s (Even above 90 on Wednesday).  My wife and I went there on Wednesday (April 10) afternoon and I took the pictures that went into these collages.  I enjoy making these collages as much as I enjoy actually taking the pictures.  So…here goes.

First Post

My beloved daughter, Mira, uses this site for her postings.  So, I thought I would follow her lead.

On an earlier blog, I wrote ramblings on my thoughts whenever I felt inspired.  You can see them by going here  http://aiwblog.blogspot.com/  It seems that I have somehow messed up that site for new additions.  So, I might as well start here for future ramblings.

On my 73rd birthday, I feel blessed with

A loving wife, Barbara,

Two wonderful girls, Mira and Sara;

A son-in-law from heaven, Victor;

The most adorable and brilliant grandson in the world, Benjamin;

A loving  sister, Bunny;

Several cousins, Jay, Greta, Sandra;

Two new families from Barbara and Victor and;

Countless friends from all walks of my life.

Normalized for age, I have never been in better health, with more interests than I can count, or keep track of sometimes.

So, i am tempting fate by glowing in my good fortune on the day of my 73rd birthday.

Next month I will celebrate the Bat Mitzvah of the first member of my (extended) family, Britt-Marie.  My number one goal in life is to see many more such celebrations….

In time, I will improve this site with better format and pictures.  But, or now, this will have to do…………bye….